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Thursday, September 25, 2014

National Wealth Center - Review by JSumner

Watch this Video to gain an overview!
I have been searching for a company that is in balance with perceptions of consumer choice with the mentality of investing long term in our local realities micro to macro for sustainability thrive experiences, evolving beyond archaic methods of times before the internet and blogging.

National Wealth Center is Legit for many reasons I feel being part of this is helpful.

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    Being a musician and artist, I have never been one for promoting corporate chains ect. Being part of the advertising process is no different than getting that commercial gig. Performing a song dedicated to the company to inspire others to buy. It happens all the time, or our favorite band/song is bought by a corporation to be used. 

      Well now with NWC, as an Artist, Mother, Father, Networker, entrepreneur we can network be in the flow!  

What I like about National Wealth Center is that the product alone provides coupons to save us involved money in the process of promotion making being part of the company worth ones while. 

Digital Coupon Membership, Marketing Sales, Networking and Education. 

National Saving Center - Check Out the Coupon Deals 
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I did have issues with my sign up.
 However I quickly gained assistance to fix.  

There is many people willing and able to assist concerning this business.
Overall I personally have put the A+ BBB Rating to the test
It passed for me, and for these reasons I am still involved!! 

Join Up! Let your friends know.
2 sales secures you in this long term as it then pays for itself.
This is online business provides 100% commissions starting at $25.
 There are multiple tiers with a $9.95 Admin fee for your duplicated website.  

Cancel Anytime you feel its not working out for you. 
Most importantly, remember you are investing in me as an Artist by taking part. 
I am here to invest in not only my future or your future, yet in our futures long term. 

THINK SUSTAINABLE, Green Living, Micro To Macro
What dreams do you have for our future co-existing with Mother Earth?

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Jonathan Wade Sumner - (EthosDel) 

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Joe: Movie Review - Overview

Joe: Movie Database

This Drama is extremely good... I highly suggest if you have any experience with the south. Its not a true story or nothin, however its just got that feel.

Just finished watching few mins ago, check it out if yah get the chance!

Watch the trailer here: Joe Trailer

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

All our patent belong to you!

Check it, Tesla wants us to make sustainable vehicles!

Flickr -Ethos Del Terra