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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fukashima - Please Pray for the Japanese!

This is a Vice film of recent issues still occurring in Japan... Radiation poisoning multiple times more potent than hiroshima radiation poisonings... just watch the video and pray. /cheers

Together we Thrive... we are dealing with global affairs more and more daily. . . Only we can better our lives with what is. We must use our experiences "In all Fun" towards interacting to our full potential to better meet the needs of or current global world... even if we must transport a people from one part of the world to another... we are getting to the point of our reality where something like this is possible like never before. Food for thought... I personally do my best to look in the world as if Star Trek were a very real possible reality and we could have a planetary federation of sorts. -JwS

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

District B13 & District: Ultimatum- A JSumner (CombOver) Promo

Ok, I just saw District B13 and D13: Ultimatum film on Netflix for the first time... currently available as a Watch it Now Streaming...
   Sadly, I had to watch it alone because my wife actually has seen, both District B13 and District 13: Ultimatum multiple times as she owns both DVD's back at her mums house in North Cackalacky ^_^

She's so Cool!!! ^_^

This Movie has much Hardcore Parkour!!! 
Watch the chase Scene Below

The whole concept of both these movies were great, with a strong social commentary concerning the current state of our environments, politics, and social affairs.

Blogging is my Artist stance concerning bettering our local environments.

It might be a  bit "off the wall" to reality, no pun intended... either way it does give room to think about "What if's" I definitely recommend both of these films if ya haven't seen them yet. 

Mad props to the actors and free runners... 
                        so much skill, dedication, and focus is involved in this type of art. 

Parkour is one of the Sickest FreeForm moving Arts ... Again Much Respect!!

I wanted to throw in a shoutout to one of my Cousins who is into Parkour!!!
I believe he also teaches lessons for those who wish to learn in his area.

Justin "Bull" D'Avila- Parkour -Quad Kong 

- Watch the 2011 Showreel (D'Avila Bull)-

I believe he is in the works of getting some type of gig with Marvel Comics (Stuntman?!)
     It would be rad, I pray all works out, I saw a video of him a few months back performing in front of the Green Ranger, (Original PowerRangers) at a convention a few months back which was totally awesome! 

Thrive to better our world starting with local community and family! 

Coldplay - Fix You (Live) @ Apple Steve Jobs Memorial

I did not even know about this till today... wow this is awesome. RIP: Steve Jobs! <3

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Truth Is We Do It To Ourselves.

Traubeck (Tree Piano) Vinyl Recordings

Source/credits: Bartholomäus Traubeck, Live Science , Vimeo, and RealFarmacy. Watch this video of a tree cut into the size of a vynle record read by a playstation laser, then converted to piano audio via Ableton... what you get as a final product is AMAZING!!!

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